About Us

Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education has been established by World Human Rights Organization which is registered under The Indian Trust Act, 1882 and NITI AAYOG, (DL/2021/0272430) Government of India and recognized by California University (FCE), USA and Cambridge International Open & Online University. It is a Not-for-Profit autonomous body which provides well designed online Certificates, Diplomas and Degree Courses. All our programs that we offer are conducted only through online that gives an opportunity to the students to get education without attending regular classes. Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education is committed to achieve extraordinary stature in the field of higher education for the benefit of career-oriented youth aspiring to achieve high grades of success and with its extremely flexible virtual mode, it enables the students to manage their studies at their convenience and offers every opportunity to discover hidden talents. The University Grants Commission, Government of India has granted equivalence of Open and Distance Learning Degrees/ Diplomas/ Certificates equal to regular Degrees/ Diplomas/ Certificates awarded by Universities vide letter no. UGC/ DEB/ 2013 dated 14.10.2013.

Vision & Mission

Irrespective of their financial and economic circumstances, everyone can receive the highest-quality education through online learning at the Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education, including working professionals, dropouts, and individuals.

Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education provides an enriched and high-performing education system that assures inclusive quality education, lifelong learning opportunities and enhancement of different skillsets for all students. It produces skilled professionals with eminent knowledge and an optimistic attitude who can live a productive life by meeting the uncertain demands of a fast paced and globalized economy and society