HONORARY DOCTORATE: Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education will award Honorary Doctorate Degrees to those who have achieved pre-eminence in their profession, or who have contributed significantly to the development of their country / society. They are often given to individuals who have either contributed exceptionally to a certain field, or commonly as a token of acknowledgement and appreciation to those who have made large donations for the institution. Our honorary award holders are a source of inspiration to our graduates and provide positive role models for their future. Honorary doctorates are conferred honoris causa, “for the sake of honour”. Honorary doctorates are awarded as:

  • (Disciplines Offered)
1. HD001 Doctor of Arts DA
2. HD002 Doctor of Social Service DSS
3. HD003 Doctor of Social Works DSW
4. HD004 Doctor of Commerce DC
5. HD005 Doctor of Literature DL
6. HD006 Doctor of Humanity DH
7. HD007 Doctor of Sociology DS
8. HD008 Doctor of Culture DC
9. HD009 Doctor of Music DM
10. HD010 Doctor of Business Administration DBA
11. HD011 Doctor of Performing Arts DPA
12. HD012 Doctor of Vedic Science DVS
13. HD013 Doctor of Science DS
14. HD014 Doctor of Human Rights DHR
15. HD015 Doctor of Education DE
16. HD016 Doctor of Sports DS
17. HD017 Doctor of Information Technology DIT
18. HD018 Doctor of Peace Studies DPS
19. HD019 Doctor of International Relations DIR
20. HD020 Doctor of Law DL
21. HD021 Doctor of Agriculture DA
22. HD022 Doctor of Psychology DP
23. HD023 Doctor of Traditional Medicine DTM
24. HD024 Doctor of Alternative Medicine DAM
25. HD025 Doctor of Journalism DJ
26. HD026 Doctor of Engineering & Technology DET
27. HD027 Any other Discipline AD