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Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education has been established by World Human Rights Organization which is registered under The Indian Trust Act, 1882 and NITI AAYOG, (DL/2021/0272430) Government of India and recognized by California University (FCE), USA and Cambridge International Open & Online University. It is a Not-for-Profit autonomous body which provides well designed onlineCertificates, Diplomas and Degree Courses. All our programs that we offer are conducted only through online that gives an opportunity to the students to get education without attending regular classes.

Vision- Irrespective of their financial and economic circumstances, everyone can receive the highest-quality education through online learning at the Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education, including working professionals, dropouts, and individuals.

Mission- Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education provides an enriched and high-performing education system that assures inclusive quality education.



Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Education will award Honorary Doctorate Degrees to those who have achieved pre-eminence in their profession, or who have contributed significantly to the development of their country / society.
They are often given to individuals who have either contributed exceptionally to a certain field, or commonly as a token of acknowledgement and appreciation to those who have made large donations for the institution. Our honorary award holders are a source of inspiration to our graduates and provide positive role models for their future. Honorary doctorates are conferred honoris causa, “for the sake of honour”. Honorary doctorates are awarded as

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Distance/Correspondence Education is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional system designs that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically on site.

At Hindustan Virtual University for Peace &Education, we provide Online mode of study.

Yes! Every year millions of students are completing home study courses worldwide. Using modern methods, students can get to learn in the comfort of his/her home.

Yes, as the courses at Hindustan Virtual University for Peace & Educationcan be studied from home only, it is well suited for working professionals to join in.

In general terms fee will not be refunded after the student has commenced his/her course of study.

Towards the program fee payment students are requested to make the payment by Online payment or NEFT /online transfer.

Yes, on the payment of full program fee/ installment fee/exam fee, students will get receipt.

A distance course is always less expensive than an on-campus course.

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